Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial arrangement between the farmer and the community. The community provides the farmer with financial support and an outlet to sell their produce and the farmer provides the community with fresh, local produce!

Who?  Freshfields Farm and You

What?  Our CSA will provide you with weekly boxes full of fresh produce, flowers, and eggs. You will receive around eight boxes per growing season. You may customize your boxes to fit your dietary preferences and individual tastes.

Why?  To promote local food, enrich the community, and ensure that you and your family have fresh and healthy food to eat

When?  Available from mid-summer to early-fall

Where?  The CSA boxes are available for pick-up from our produce stand on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 to 5:00.  As with our farm stand, if these times do not fit your schedule, feel free to call us so that we can arrange a pick-up that fits your needs.
Starting this year we also offer home delivery if you can't make it out to the farm for an extra cost. We ask that you bring your own basket, reusable bag or box if you can.  We will have bags on our stand in case you forget.

How much?  $45 per box for approximately 8 weeks. All our produce, flowers and herbs are grown using an organic method. You will receive a dozen of our free range and pasture fed eggs and approx. 7 different types of vegetables. This box is perfect for two people.   We also will include a culinary herb each week. We will post recipes on our website for some of the items in your box.  Last year was our first year and we had 10 customers.  It was a huge success.  We will be taking 15 customers this year.  It will be on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in receiving boxes for the 2019 growing season, please fill out the following form with your information and we will contact you shortly.

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Please list any special requests. (i.e. allergic to tomatoes, dislike eggplants, vegan diet= no eggs)